How can I schedule a free consultation with your family law solicitors?

To schedule a free consultation with our family law solicitors, you can contact our office at 39 Waterloo Road, Dublin 4 DX 109060 Fitzwilliam or fill out the consultation request form on our website.

What services do your family law solicitors provide?

Our family law solicitors and divorce lawyers in Dublin provide a range of services including divorce proceedings, child custody matters, property division, prenuptial agreements, and more.

Is the free consultation available online as well?

Yes, we offer free consultations both in-person at our office and online through video conferencing platforms.

Where is your office located in Dublin?

Our office is located at: 39 Waterloo Road, Dublin 4 DX 109060 Fitzwilliam, Ireland.

Do you offer parking facilities for clients visiting your office?

Yes, there is parking available near our office for the convenience of our clients.

Can I consult with your solicitors if my legal jurisdiction is outside Ireland?

We provide consultations for legal matters within Ireland as well as for cases involving Irish jurisdiction outside the country.