Ireland’s Law and Cyber Security

Ireland’s Law and Cyber Security

Cyber security is the practice of protecting data, systems, programs from digital attacks. Nowadays, Cyber security and data protection is really important for business not only in Ireland but also around the world. Day by day, the number of cyber attacks is increasing rapidly and cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company not only a company also bank and financial institutions have been targets for these attacks. It can affect your business standing and customer trust. More and more Cyber cases are increasing throughout the globe including Ireland, said by a Dublin Lawyer. 

Why is cybersecurity and cyber law  necessary for business?

For a business, it is essential to maintain the physical property you own and protect it against intruders. In the same way, cyber security is a must for your business security. Thousands of sensitive information is stored within the files of your company. Like many important documents, passwords, social security number etc. So, Network security is must. For this cyber law is best way to deal with this. It deals with cyber space, internets and respective legal issues. A cyber law created to protect people and organization from cyber attack. There are laws for how companies may use computers and internet while some law project people from becoming the victims. It is really important that companies are conscious of the laws and implemented it in a best way that will protect their business.

Data protection:

Data protection is the method of safeguarding important information from corruption, compromise or loss. It is one of the fundamental fields in cyber security. The General Data Protection Regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It entered into force across the European Union on 25 May,2018.

The eight rules of Data protection:

1.Obtain and process information fairly.

2.Data must be obtained and processed for specified lawful purposes.

3.Data should be used and disclosed only for specified purposes.

4.Data must be kept safe and secure.

5.Data must be accurate and kept up to date accordingly.

6.Data must be relevant, adequate but not excessive.

7.Data shall not be kept for any longer than is necessary.

8.A copy of the data must be made available to the data subject, on request.

It is impossible to prevent a cybercrime attack completely, however, following the precautions will reduce both the risk of an attack.

Ireland cyber security for businesses

Ireland has become a significant base of international technology and security. Ireland has already proven itself to be an innovative technology hub, and this is another area in which it can become a global leader according to a report.

The office of the Irish Data Protection Commission is known for adopting a practical and transparent approach to EU privacy regulation. In anticipation of the roll-out of the GDPR in 2018,the ODPC has recently established team to work with the major data-driven companies based in Ireland. The Irish government’s continued efforts to implement pro-business policies that make Ireland a great place for international companies to the business.

In a summary, there are a variety of reasons that combined, make Ireland  a great place for cybersecurity companies to do business.