Is a free consultation with a lawyer confidential?

A free consultation with a family law lawyer is the best way to decide whether or not they can help you.

Free consultations by their very nature do not require the payment of a consultation fee, which is great for testing the waters and working out your best option as regards hiring the right family law solicitor for you.

Many clients will question whether their free consultation session will remain confidential. When consulting with a lawyer, it is likely that discussion is highly personal so it is important that any information shared in the consultation stays private.

All sessions must remain confidential

All sessions with a lawyer must remain confidential. This includes any free consultations that do not follow through to paid sessions. Even if you don’t end up hiring a lawyer, they should not be sharing any information that was spoken about during your free consultation. Lawyers must uphold strict standards of practice, including confidentiality, in all sessions no matter if they are paid or free. If a lawyer does require the use of your information, they must ask for your consent. This consent must be fully informed meaning that clients must not be misled.

What to do if confidentiality is broken?
If a lawyer does share session information from a free consultation without informed consent, they are in breach of their obligations to you.